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Back to School Martial Art’s Expo & Open House / Sat. Sept, 24th

Sifu Gorden provided a Wing Chun seminars at the Karate Connection Yorktown, VA. Quick pace of training on  self-defense exercises and Wing Chun techniques. All the movements were base on Wing Chun ideas, plus… Continue reading

Special Training – Takedowns

Sifu Gorden provided a special training on his military and law enforcement martial arts experience. He used Wing Chun close range fighting techniques and transition to police defensive tactics’ dynamic takedowns. After hours… Continue reading

LMK – Instructor training

Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Germany instructors Marc & Oliver had their 2 weeks instructor training at Sifu Gorden’s School. The training was aimed on Chisao instruction methods  for the stage after “Lead… Continue reading

Enhancement & Fundamental Training

Applied Wing Chun practitioner from Chile train at Sifu Gorden’s school at Virginia Beach. Two weeks enhancement training and back to fundamental. Alvaro had the opportunity to practice various techniques and used different… Continue reading



Grandmaster Ip Man was the first person to bring Wing Chun out of secrecy from China into the public eye. Wing Chun Kung Fu has become one of the world’s most prevalent systems… Continue reading