Enhancement & Fundamental Training

Applied Wing Chun practitioner from Chile train at Sifu Gorden’s school at Virginia Beach.

Two weeks enhancement training and back to fundamental. Alvaro had the opportunity to practice various techniques and used different drills to perfection of Wing Chun power, speed, structures and understanding of principles with all the details from his training.

See Alvaro play with local band “Suzy and the Naturals” at Wing King Virginia Beach http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1934468924707&oid=190853144274116&comments

Alvaro’s band in Chile http://www.dorso.cl/


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www.vbwingchun.com Ip Man Wing Chun / Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Virginia Beach - Sifu Gorden Lu, who is a 2nd generation descendant instructor of Wing Chun from Grandmaster Ip Man’s family.>

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