Back to School Martial Art’s Expo & Open House / Sat. Sept, 24th

Wing Chun Kung Fu / Sifu Gorden Lu / Lo Man Kam Wing Chun

Sifu Gorden Lu demonstrate Lo Man Kam Wing Chun defense tactics

Sifu Gorden provided a Wing Chun seminars at the Karate Connection Yorktown, VA. Quick pace of training on  self-defense exercises and Wing Chun techniques. All the movements were base on Wing Chun ideas, plus our life experience and a little bit science knowledge. The simple and direct movements made all the students pickup the new exercises easier. Kids always have a lot of fun in Wing Chun seminars.

Sifu Gorden started the seminar with the main ideas of Wing Chun system, then demonstrated some simple movements that base on the ideas of  first form.

“Chain punch” is the Wing Chun’s trademark; also, it is very effective and important Wing Chun technique. All the students were excited to work on this technique. Sifu provided various supporting exercises to enhance students’ punching skills on power, speed and reaction.

At the end, Sifu Gorden provided quick demonstration of two unique Wing Chun training exercises. First is “Chi-sao” (Sticky Hand) – witch is the heart of Wing Chun. After that sifu showed how to use the basic form movements against punches then transition to takedown technique, so students can understand how important of the fundamental and very basic exercises can always apply to different situation; also, it can turn to different fighting style.

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Yorktown / Sifu Gorden Lu / Lo Man Kam Wing Chun