School Reopen

UPDATE ON SCHOOL REOPENING:  I hope this message finds you and your family healthy.  We want to thank you for your patience and your understanding during this pandemic. Virginia Beach Wing Chun is… Continue reading

School will be closed until further notice start from tonight due to the current outbreak 03/18/20

Virginia Gov and State Health Commission issued a public health emergency order prohibiting more than 10 patrons in restaurants, fitness centers, and theaters. School will be closed until further notice start from tonight… Continue reading

Sifu Gorden showing how Pak-sao from the first form of Wing Chun can be soft and hard on application in chisao and fighting techniques – 2018 Brazil Wing Chun Seminars

Sifu Gorden Lu gives introduction of Wing Chun at University Uninassau de Salvador Brazil – 9/21/2018

2018 Brazil Seminar

Sifu Gorden Lu Wing Chun 2018 International Seminar – El Salvador, Brazil.

Class Photos – 2018

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