Sifu Gorden and his instructors were invited to Navy Reserve Forces Command to provide a speech and demonstration about how Chinese martial art Wing Chun style’s philosophies and principles can apply to a fighting exercises. Sifu Gorden also demonstrated different Wing Chun style of combative techniques that use for military and law enforcement.

Wing Chun Takedown

The special training this week for our Germany instructors is to practice takedown technique. Wing Chun system already included few techniques that can be easily to take people down, throws or joint locks. The technique we are working on is from Tan-sao and Man-sao together to cover the hook and following with the throw. TheContinue reading “Wing Chun Takedown”

Special Training – Takedowns

Sifu Gorden provided a special training on his military and law enforcement martial arts experience. He used Wing Chun close range fighting techniques and transition to police defensive tactics’ dynamic takedowns. After hours training students were easily to understand how Wing Chun exercises can apply to different situations and smoothly transition to different form ofContinue reading “Special Training – Takedowns”