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WELCOME TO JOIN US LO MAN KAM WING CHUN NORFOLK Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Norfolk, VA We teach the Traditional Ip Man (Yip Man) Wing Chun under Grandmaster Ip Man’s… Continue reading

European Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Association

I am extremely excited about the formation of the European Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Association. It is my desire to continue to promote and maintain traditional Ip Man Wing Chun through the… Continue reading

My Uncle Grandmaster Yip Man

Lo Man Kam Narrative – My Uncle Grandmaster Yip Man by Lo Man Kam Yip (Ip) Man’s real name was Ki Man. He was a native of Fo Shan in Kwangtung. He was… Continue reading

Masters Magazin – Fall 2012

Sifu Gorden Lu is the son of the legendary Master Lo Man Kam who was Yip Man’s nephew and student. He was born in Taiwan in 1971 and began his Wing Chun training… Continue reading

Enlargement of the Wing Chun Ip (Yip) Family

Enlargement of the Wing Chun Ip (Yip) Family Sifu Ip Man has been a legendary figure in Wing Chun circles for decades. Credit for his and the system’s recognition, now worldwide, must be… Continue reading

My Wing Chung Training Experience

My Wing Chung Training Experience By: Nikolas Untalan      The first day I trained at Sifu Gorden Lu’s class. I was thirteen years old and the most people in the class were a… Continue reading