My Wing Chung Training Experience

My Wing Chung Training Experience

By: Nikolas Untalan

     The first day I trained at Sifu Gorden Lu’s class. I was thirteen years old and the most people in the class were a lot older than me. I remembered that day, I saw everybody working hard on punching and kicking. It looked a lot of fun but also a little bit scary. After I have been training for about 1 year at the Wing Chun School in Virginia Beach, I have learned a lot to the point where I’m comfortable with handling myself in a fighting situation. I learned the proper way of defending myself and learned to control myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I would have to say that all of the techniques I have been taught are my favorite. However, the ones that I feel I am pretty confidence at are Gan-Sao kickback, sidestep Pak-Sao, tire drill, and a whole lot more techniques. One of the things that I really enjoy is doing Chi-Sao (sticky-hands) because it really helps your reaction, feeling, and it also teaches you how to control your opponent and use their own force against them, of because there is more to Chi-Sao than just that though. I really enjoy this style because of the way everything flows. The way it looks, how everything is very natural, the speed, the power, and it’s just a really good style of self-defense and of course a lot of other things too. I have regard for how everything requires relaxation and little thought on the technique.

For my future plans, after study in college, I plan to come back to the school and continuing my training here with Sifu Gorden. After that hopefully I will get to stay there and help sifu teach a little bit, then afterwards, maybe, I’ll join the Navy to become a member of Navy Seal or like sifu to open up a school and be an instructor to pass on what I’ve been taught.

My dad really inspires me to join the Navy. Even though I am going to sign up to be a Seal, he has been a very successful man in his career in the Navy and I would like to be as successful as him one day with my career.

One of the things I really like about this Wing Chun class is the people. They’re really nice, welcoming, they are very trustworthy, and are very helpful. We joke around a whole lot, there are hardly any dull moments. The one person I really look up to is Sifu. Not only is he a really cool and funny guy, he is a really good and talented martial artist. I wish to become as good as him one day. I’m honored to have this opportunity to train with a teacher like Sifu Gorden and a lot of really friendly kung fu brothers and sisters.

Nic’s video clips from class training

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