Beach Master Sifu Gorden Lu

Anyone familiar with martial arts will no doubt be familiar with the name Bruce Lee. Bruce is the most famous martial artist in recent history. His speed and technique are legendary. His movies are unsurpassed in action and fighting. True icons of  “karate flicks” as they are colloquially known throughout the western world.

Bruce’s extreme martial arts ability can be traced back to one man. Yip Man (Ip Man). Bruce’s teacher. Yip Man is the Grand Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu. A southern style of Chinese kung fu that is considered to be “the science of fighting.” Wing Chun incorporates the elements of physics and geometry to dominate and incapacitate the opponent regardless of size or strength. Economy of motion, explosive power and simultaneous cover/attack are the hallmarks of Wing Chun. The triangle, the straight line, and the circle are utilized to maximize power and use the opponent’s strength against them. The harder the opponent attacks, the more pain they receive when Wing Chun technique is properly applied.

Sifu Gorden Lu is the son of Sifu Lo Man Kam. Sifu Lo is Yip Man’s nephew and student. So right there Sifu Gorden has direct ancestral lineage to the Grand Master of Wing Chun. Gorden’s father began his training under Yip man in 1950’s Hong Kong, 5 years before Bruce Lee signed on. Sifu Lo was Bruce’s first training partner. Gorden was born in Taiwan on June 11, 1971. Year of the Boar. He began his Wing Chun training at the age of 15 in 1986 under the tutelage of his father. He took to it like a duck to water and realized Wing Chun was his calling and trained diligently for 10 years in Taiwan. In the mid eighties Gorden traveled to America to continue his training under the guidance of another Wing Chun master. The venerable Sifu Duncan Leung, the founder of Applied Wing Chun, classmate and good friend of Bruce Lee. Sifu Duncan is recognized worldwide for his Wing Chun prowess, so Gorden was in good hands to be guided to the next level. I first met Gorden in Sifu Duncan’s class. I had singed up for training under Sifu Duncan in late 1996. Duncan was in Honk Kong on business and his disciple Larry Saccoia was running the class. I observed a couple of classes and was so impressed with Larry’s skill I was compelled sign on. So I signed the paper on a Fri. and started training the following Mon.  Intense is an understatement. I was working muscles I didn’t know I had. The 2 hour classes seemed to fly by like minutes. After a few weeks of learning the basics, a new face appeared in the class. Enter Gorden Lu. He immediately took right to the newbies, constantly correcting us and demonstrating proper form. We quickly became good friends and would go out for beers after class.

Between Larry and Gorden, Sifu Duncan’s school was in good hands. Attentive and highly skilled, each would impart different aspects of Wing Chun to the constantly growing class. Upon Sifu Duncan’s return, he would kick training up a notch for a few months, then return to Hong Kong. Leaving the class to Larry and Gorden. The Wing Chun system has 3 forms. Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Jee. The proper execution of each movement is crucial to its use. So emphasis is placed on correct technique. One beautiful aspect of Wing Chun is “what you learn today, you can use today” even the most basic move is a highly effective tool that will instill confidence and self esteem and transform one’s body into an awesome offensive and defensive machine.

So fast forward 10 years and we have Sifu Gorden Lu running his own kung fu school. He teaches Wing Chun in Va. Beach. Check his webpage for details. His classes are Wed. Fri. from 6:30 p.m. till about 8 p.m, and Sunday 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The training is intense, but the vibe is relaxed and the instruction top notch. You are encouraged to go observe a class and ask questions. Matter of fact, some students travel from Germany to study with Sifu Gorden. (hi Marc!)

So right here in Va. Beach we have a world renowned Wing Chun master offering his knowledge to you, the new student. Reasonable rates, convenient location and a great way to get in shape real quick. Not to mention a very effective and efficient system of self defense. So sign up today and get your Siu Lim Tao on.

                                                                                                                 Kent Kelley / Splash Magazine