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Just about anyone reading this article will know the name Bruce Lee – arguably the most famous martial artist in recent history. His speed and technique are legendary. His movies are unsurpassed in action and fighting, and he was largely responsible for exposing many in the West to Kung Fu.What you may not know is that there are a series action-packed of movies released recently in theaters and on DVDs based on the life of Bruce Lee’s teacher, Grand Master Ip Man.
Ip Man is the Grand Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu, A southern style of Chinese kung fu that is considered to be “the science of fighting.” Wing Chun incorporates elements of physics and geometry to defeat an opponent regardless of size or strength. Economy of motion (keeping every movement as simple and direct as possible), straight line theory (the shortest distance between two points that makes the fighting movements and reaction time faster) and simultaneous cover and attack are some of the trademarks of  the Wing Chun System.  Wing Chun has become one of the world’s most prevalent systems of Chinese martial arts and has spread to every continent on the globe.
Providing an exciting and entertaining introduction to Wing Chun,  two fantastic films, “Ip Man” released in 2008, and “Ip Man 2”, released in April of 2010, chronicle some of the events of  the life of the venerable grand master, and provide a unique and existing glimpse of the evolution, and application of the Wing Chun system.
Ip Man” (available now on DVD) is set in the 1930s in Foshan in southern China, which was a hub of martial arts, where various schools recruited disciples and competed against each other. It was here that Ip Man established his reputation of master of martial arts skill, through a series of events, including friendly, closed-door competitions with local masters; the sound defeat of an aggressive, rude, highly skilled Northern master, thus upholding the honor of Foshan;  and culminating with the events surrounding of the Japanese army invading Foshan in 1937, including a martial challenge from a Japanese General. All of these events are depicted with critically acclaimed cinematography and dynamic displays of Wing Chun.
Ip Man 2” (showing in select theaters and soon also to be available on DVD) continues after the events of the earlier film, and centers on Ip Man’s experiences in 1950’s Hong Kong,  where he attempts to establish a Wing Chun school but faces rivalry from the established faction of  local kung fu practitioners. The film again features excellent cinematography and martial arts scenes, depicting challenges to Ip Man’s ability and credibility as a kung fu master – from altercations in the streets of Hong Kong, to a challenge by a series of local masters, and culminating in a challenge from a British boxer (Hong Kong being a British Colony), in which Ip Man preserves the honor of his cultural heritage. The movies final scene shows Ip Man being introduced to a boy who wishes to study Wing Chun: Bruce Lee.
You may be surprised to discover that authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction is available right here in Virginia Beach, from a Wing Chun Kung Fu master in the direct lineage – and family genealogy – of Ip Man.  Sifu Gorden Lu, who teaches Wing Chin in Virginia Beach,  is the son of Lo Man Kam, the nephew and direct student of Ip Man. Gorden’s father began his training under Ip Man in 1950’s Hong Kong (in the timeframe of “Ip Man 2”), several years before Bruce Lee began his study with Ip Man. Sifu Lo Man Kam was actually Bruce’s first training partner.
After many years of learning, teaching, and developing Kung Fu, Sifu Lo Man Kam has also passed his art down to his son Sifu Gorden Lu in hopes that a new generation of Grandmaster Yip Man’s family will continue to lead in the promotion of Wing Chun. After completing his study of the system under his father, Gorden came to Virginia Beach , Virginia continuing to broaden his knowledge of Wing Chun under the tutelage of Sifu Lo’s close friend and junior kung fu brother, Sifu Duncan Leung (the founder of Applied Wing Chun).
Since 1994, Gorden has been teaching Wing Chun in Virginia Beach, providing students with a rare opportunity to learn authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun in its purest and unadulterated form from a direct lineage passed from Ip Man, in an environment that is open and friendly.
The Wing Chun Kung Fu School in Virginia Beach, taught by Sifu Gorden Lu provides a unique learning experience in this martial art. Students will be inspired by Sifu Gorden’s genuine love for the art of Wing Chun, and his gift for teaching the art to others, which is clearly evident in his instruction.  He is always willing to take the time to answer any questions, and to explain the theories of Wing Chun in a straight forward way that relates Wing Chun to every day experiences.
Sifu Gorden’s school is always open to newcomers and he welcomes all visitors to observe class.
Virginia Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu School is located at 3221 Virginia Beach Blvd. VA Beach,  VA 23452 (same location as Jow Ga Kung Fu and Martial arts supply). School is very convenience  from Norfolk and Chesapeake area. 

For more information about the training, e-mail us at  or call   757-761-5966