Sifu Gorden Lu 2018 Wing Chun Seminars – Chile

Lo Man Kam Wing Chun European Seminars 2017 – Hungary

Lo Man Kam Wing Chun European seminars  / Wing Chun group from : Germany, Hungary, Romania, Austria and Czech Republic.

Sifu Gorden 2017 Germany Seminars

“TRICKS” make your Wing Chun better! Special training from Sifu Gorden. Sifu provided direct practical experiences, theories, drills, unique tactics and tricks to make Wing Chun easier to learn and hands on.

Family Reunion 2017 / Hong Kong

Sifu Gorden with his uncle Yip Chun- Son of Grandmaster Yip Man (Front Left), his father Master Lo Man Kam (Front Right) and two grand nephews of Grandmaster Yip Man      

2017 Virginia Beach elementary school – summer program

2017 Sifu Gorden Brazil Seminars