Training photos Mar & Apr-2012

Germany Lo Man Kan Wing Chun Kung Fu instructors Clarissa and Marc Debus visited sifu Gorden Lu and trained at Virginia Beach.

William E. Blackwell

Congratulation to our student William E. Blackwell promoted to Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

Beach Master Sifu Gorden Lu

Anyone familiar with martial arts will no doubt be familiar with the name Bruce Lee. Bruce is the most famous martial artist in recent history. His speed and technique are legendary. His movies… Continue reading

Training Photos (2) – 2011

Training Photos (1) – 2011

9/11 kids marked by historic connection –

9/11 kids marked by historic connection – If everything had gone as planned, the last place Shari Melillo would have been during the catastrophic attack on the World Trade Center was a… Continue reading