Wong Kung Fu Tournament 2012

Thanks to Juan Angeles represented our school as a team leader and coaching in the Wong Kung Fu tournament. Congratulation to winners on their first Kung Fu tournament. First place – Second form            … Continue reading

Nephew of Grandmaster Ip Man – Sifu Lo Man Kam

Sifu Lo Man Kam, the nephew of Grandmaster Ip Man and senior kung fu brother of Bruce Lee visited Virginia Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu School. Sifu Lo made quick speech about Wing… Continue reading

Class training 2012 Summer

Enlargement of the Wing Chun Ip (Yip) Family

Enlargement of the Wing Chun Ip (Yip) Family Sifu Ip Man has been a legendary figure in Wing Chun circles for decades. Credit for his and the system’s recognition, now worldwide, must be… Continue reading

My Wing Chung Training Experience

My Wing Chung Training Experience By: Nikolas Untalan      The first day I trained at Sifu Gorden Lu’s class. I was thirteen years old and the most people in the class were a… Continue reading

Kick and Chi Sao drills -Video