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Chi Sao Strategy Video

Chi Sao Strategy – Striking

Sifu Gorden visited Norfolk Class

2016 Wing Chun Short Bridge Workshop – Sep 22, 23, 24

Wing Chun Short Bridge (Close Range Fighting) is emphasized quick reactions on push in footworks and hand follow up techniques to complete a good seal and control the space. Those reactions will easier… Continue reading

Ip Man Memorial Plate

2016 Sifu Gorden Wing Chun Workshop – Sep 15, 16, 17

   The systematic development of Wing Chun Chi sao Kwan sao follow up and counter attack

Kids classes

New Children’s Wing Chun Class M/ W/ F  5:00 pm to 6:15 pm  Wing Chun gained worldwide popularity by its introduction to Hong Kong by Grandmaster Ip Man, the teacher of Bruce Lee.… Continue reading