Ip Man Memorial Plate

2016 Sifu Gorden Wing Chun Workshop – Sep 15, 16, 17

   The systematic development of Wing Chun Chi sao Kwan sao follow up and counter attack

Kids classes

New Children’s Wing Chun Class M/ W/ F  5:00 pm to 6:15 pm  Wing Chun gained worldwide popularity by its introduction to Hong Kong by Grandmaster Ip Man, the teacher of Bruce Lee.… Continue reading


WELCOME TO JOIN US LO MAN KAM WING CHUN NORFOLK Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Norfolk, VA We teach the Traditional Ip Man (Yip Man) Wing Chun under Grandmaster Ip Man’s… Continue reading

2016 Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Seminars- Switzerland

Master Lo Man Kam and Sifu Gorden  Wing Chun Seminar – Switzerland 27,28,29 May 2016  

Sifu Gorden Wing Chun Seminars – 2015 Germany