Seminar Photos – Santiago, Chile


Seminar – Santiago, Chile

Applied Wing Chun Chile

Masters Magazin – Fall 2012

Sifu Gorden Lu is the son of the legendary Master Lo Man Kam who was Yip Man’s nephew and student. He was born in Taiwan in 1971 and began his Wing Chun training… Continue reading

Ip Man & Wooden Dummy

Wong Kung Fu Tournament 2012

Thanks to Juan Angeles represented our school as a team leader and coaching in the Wong Kung Fu tournament. Congratulation to winners on their first Kung Fu tournament. First place – Second form            … Continue reading

Nephew of Grandmaster Ip Man – Sifu Lo Man Kam

Sifu Lo Man Kam, the nephew of Grandmaster Ip Man and senior kung fu brother of Bruce Lee visited Virginia Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu School. Sifu Lo made quick speech about Wing… Continue reading