Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Martial Arts linage of Bruce Lee’s master chronicled in film… and taught right here in Hampton Roads – Splash Magazine

Just about anyone reading this article will know the name Bruce Lee – arguably the most famous martial artist in recent history. His speed and technique are legendary. His movies are unsurpassed in… Continue reading

LMK – Instructor training

Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Germany instructors Marc & Oliver had their 2 weeks instructor training at Sifu Gorden’s School. The training was aimed on Chisao instruction methods  for the stage after “Lead… Continue reading

Enhancement & Fundamental Training

Applied Wing Chun practitioner from Chile train at Sifu Gorden’s school at Virginia Beach. Two weeks enhancement training and back to fundamental. Alvaro had the opportunity to practice various techniques and used different… Continue reading

York Town Crier

Yorktown martial arts studio has connection to legendary Yip Man, subject of a new film Grand Master Yip Man (Left) trains young Bruce Lee in Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu Gorden Lu demonstrates… Continue reading